Application Process

applicationVCF takes pride in the fact that our virtual support agents are verified, background checked Veterans, Veteran caregivers, or Military spouses.  When you apply on our website, you are beginning this step of employment verification that employers value.  Our application process also enables us to properly match your virtual skills and potential development of virtual skills to an ever growing network of American companies in need of virtual services such as call center support, social media management, programming, online reputation management, and cyber-security audits that are perfect jobs for the VCF participants because they can work from home.

We work Great VirtualWorks, American Support, Arise Virtual Solutions, TeleRep and with many other virtual call center companies.  This is where a majority of our first opportunities for employment programs have come from because the virtual call center industry is growing rapidly and is in high demand by companies around the world.  These call center companies want our participants and we have special contracts with each of them to provide free training, equipment, and you can start working within 3 weeks.  A college diploma is also not necessary.

Finally, by applying, a Veteran, Caregiver, or Military spouse can make sure their resume is in front of many employers with virtual support needs in jobs that can be performed at home with flexible shift schedules.  Our network of employers is constantly growing.  We plan to offer a full platform for employers to tap into our marketplace of approved participants to provide hundreds of different types of virtual services.Button

In the future, our application process will also include ways to certify skills online and to connect with local education programs to increase skills over time to obtain employment.  All from the comfort of a home office and rural environment (if wanted).