Become A Partner

The Veteran Central Foundation is looking for partners to collaborate with on providing transition solutions for America’s Veteran and Military families.  We work with traditional Veteran nonprofits, government agencies, for profit companies, foundations, and academic institutions.

Types of partners we need: [contact us here]

  • Veteran Outreach – we need partners who can help us inform Veteran and Military audiences about our virtual job programs and encourage applicants.
  • Virtual Support Companies – we need more virtual support companies to work with us to expand our employer network and increase the available virtual work opportunities for our participants
  • Training Programs – we need learning modules and online content to provide participants access to continued learning and skills building in the growing virtual service industries
  • Computer Hardware Manufacturers – we need to give our participants the best headset, computer equipment, and Internet connection we can.  We are hoping a company will donate a large number of refurbished hardware to us to give to participants.
  • Virtual Coaches – we need counselors and career coaches to work within our Warrior Life Coach partnership and become coaches to support our growing base of participants virtually.  Beau has created an incredible process and engine for support.

You can contact us here to become a partner.  By becoming a partner you will receive your logo on our partnership page and will be included in all of our future marketing and press campaigns.