Corporate Donors

Corporate Donations Wanted:

Corporate donations are very important to the Veteran Central mission. We rely on corporations that support Veterans of America to help fund our critical programs of success with equipment, training, computer software, electronic communications, and discounts for our program participants.

In Kind Donations Wanted:

Our programs are more cost effective when we have computer equipment and interior designers time donated for free or at deep discounts to our Virtual Support machines. We pick the best Veterans from the estimated 2.7 million unemployed that are in need of assistance and we give them the best equipment and home office setup that America has to offer. If you have:

  • Computer equipment, hardware or software
  • Home office equipment, chairs, desks, shelves, file cabinets, whiteboard, etc.
  • Training on effective work habits
  • Call support training or equipment

Let us know. We would like to work with companies to get our program participants well equipped and trained to be successful as they come home. The cheaper we can get the costs, the more Veterans we can serve as 300,000 new Veterans arrive to America each year, for the next 5 years.