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Veteran Central is a nonprofit with a mission to honor and serve Veterans as they struggle through challenges while transitioning from Military life to civilian life. It is estimated that over 300,000 current active duty service members will become Veterans every year for the next 5 years, totaling to more than 1.5 Million new Veterans. It is 2013 and the Veteran support system is overwhelmed and needs the support of the American people to band together by donating to Veteran Central and other Veteran support resources. The future generations of America’s Military will reflect on how today’s Veterans are being treated to determine if they want to protect America’s freedom and national security. Donate to Veteran Central and together we can lift up our Veteran communities and demonstrate to the world what it means to be truly united.

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Please fill out the below form and then click Submit. You will be taken to HighRiskCharge or PayPal to complete your credit card transaction. You can also send us a check to 4833 Rugby Ave., 4th Floor, Bethesda, MD 20814, payable to the Veteran Central Foundation. Your donation enables us to help thousands of Veterans and their Families. Veteran Central is currently fiscally operating under the Charity for Debt 501(c)(3) nonprofit to ensure all online donations made via paypal are tax deductible. IRS approval award can be found here -
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