Employment Programs

A New Year – A New Commitment

Veteran Central’s 2013 employment programs are focused on empowering Veterans through virtual work so they can develop meaningful careers from the comfort of their home.

If your organization has an employment program that is working and supporting Veterans well, please send an email to randell @ veterancentral.org to discuss getting being highlighted on our website and in our eNewsletter.

Veteran Virtual Business Program:

We equip, train, and connect Veterans and their caregivers to virtual support jobs.  Our participants work from the comfort of their home virtual office that we custom design and build within each home.  Veterans can access special health needs while also earning a living in a growing industry without ever leaving their house.  Donors can read blog posts from our participants in our eCommunity to directly see how their gift is supporting a Veteran.  We are raising $175,000 in spring of 2013 to put 15 participants through this program.

In partnership with Arise Virtual Solutions, TeleRep, and Appletree.

Future: Veteran CoFounder Matchmaking Program:

We are designing a program that intelligently matches Veterans and spouses together who want to start their own business or nonprofit organizations using innovative technology and in person events to create robust, productive cofounder teams.  These teams are then connected to mentors, financial vehicles, and an ever growing database of Veteran entrepreneurs to be matched with.  We are raising $25,000 to develop a custom online system and host two events, one in Washington DC and the other in Los Angeles CA.

In partnership with CoFoundersLab.com and the University of Oklahoma Price College of Business

Future: VetsHireVets.com

We are working with a number of Veteran owned businesses that want to create a portal for their Veteran recruiting, hiring, and retention needs. Veterans understand the value of hiring Veterans more than anyone. This program will educate Veteran owned businesses on the legal and tax benefits of hiring Vets while connecting Vets looking for work in what we hope will become the most trusted Veteran job marketplace in America.

In partnership with Strategic Consulting Alliances, an 8A Veteran owned IT consulting company

Employment Program Discussions:

Make you join our eCommunity (it’s free) and help us by collaborating on ideas for future job programs in America to get Veterans and their spouses back to work.