Health Programs

The Veteran Central Health programs are very important to properly enabling our Veterans to be successful during their transition.  There are thousands of incredible health professionals and facilities throughout the U.S. serving Veterans everyday.  We hope to create programs that solve big problems using innovation and our crowd sourcing of ideas. Currently there are no Veteran Central health programs.  However, we do recommend several resources and partners:

Taming the Fire Within Free eBook:

anne freund author taming the fire withingTaming The Fire Within Book – This is a free downloadable book in PDF format.  In “Taming the Fire Within: Life After War,” Dr. Anne Freund conversationally explains the natural reactions to the many stressors of war. Used by PTSD programs across the country, this book focuses on common responses to combat which Dr. Freund classifies as “Post-Combat Reactions,” as opposed to “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.” Knowing how challenging it is for soldiers to share their feelings, Dr. Freund wants to help warriors and their families identify natural reactions to combat, so they can effectively process the intense emotions every combat soldier is burdened with.

This is a must read for any Veteran or caregiver struggling with the effects of post combat.

Free Download Here