Job Placement

working woman posterThe Veteran Central Foundation takes trained participants and then matches each participant with available virtual work from over 200 jobs and growing.  Our first participants will learn inbound sales calling techniques and how to be proficient at selling the OmegaXL product, at no cost to the participant.  Additional training will be provided as each participant works with a virtual career coach to determine other virtual support skills that might be beneficial to their interests and career development as a virtual support agent.

The Veteran Central Employer Networks includes large virtual staffing companies such as Great VirtualWorks, Arise, American Support, and TeleRep. This list is constantly growing as new virtual staffing companies want to hire more Veterans and Military families. As our participants are developing new virtual support certifications, we are then able to connect them with approved companies looking for higher levels of virtual work in programming, design, social media, cyber-security, etc..

For Companies:

If you have virtual work support needs, please contact us to discuss how our network of Virtual support agents can deliver solutions for you.  Our participants are verified, tested, and have the right equipment take on any of your call center services and a growing offering of virtual support capabilities.

For Veterans, Caregivers, Spouses:

If you are a Veteran, Caregiver, or Spouse, then you can apply and get trained for free, at no cost to you.  Participants can start learning the ropes by taking inbound calls of the OmegaXL product while developing other virtual skills for greater opportunities.  As skills develop, VCF matches participants with employers needing additional virtual support work. Participants do not need a college diploma to get started and can work from home.  Participants can easily adjust their work schedule, enabling critical flexibility for health care demands.  Participants can work on weekends or late at night and earn $15 per hour.  Participants can begin paying their bills within weeks and then can continue to learn new virtual skills in many rapidly growing virtual industries.

Finally, we have virtual career coaches and health counselors available to help participants make smart job placement decisions and create meaningful career paths.