It takes leadership to run air craft carriers and fight for the security of the American nation.  We carry the same torch at Veteran Central.  Each one of our dedicated staff members is dedicated to honoring and serving Veterans with the unique talents, networks, and knowledge we have been working on for many years.  Trust in our leadership to develop long lasting relationships with donors, corporate sponsors, foundations and education institutions.  Trust in us to build the necessary bridges to help manage the flood of Veterans into American from 2013 to 2018. We are made up of Veterans, family of Military, and civilian advocates and know how to run a sustainable operation while also serving those we protect.

Current Leadership:

ty1Tyrone Frisby – Air Force Veteran – Veteran Central Director of Corporate Development and Sponsorships – Tyrone leads our corporate relationships team with over 40 years of experience in marketing, sales, and business development in the Washington DC area.  A true patriot and business development guru.  His leadership makes sure our corporate connections are well taken care of and that our sponsors are achieving the goals we have agreed upon.  Tyrone has a team of 5 volunteer corporate development liaisons that help him manage all of the corporate entities who want to support Veteran communities across America.  We are working with Chesapeake Energy, VOLT Information Sciences, Strategic Consulting Alliances 8A SDVOSB, and Arise Virtual Solutions already.

Randell GuilbeauRandell Guilbeau – Army Veteran – Veteran Central Director of Information Technology – Randell wears many hats at Veteran Central and is considered a person to be able to fix almost any problem.  His specialties are in technology project management and wordpress website development.  Randell is also the acting director of the Virtual Support Business program as he has extensive experience working in the call center industry and a network of corporate relationships within the growing call support industry.  Veterans from our Virtual Support team run our website content generation, social media, live web chat, phone support, and email support.  Randell makes sure we have the best operations available to our clients and sponsors.


jon1Jonathon Lunardi – Veteran Advocate – Veteran Central Director of Marketing and Public Relations – Jonathon Lunardi leads the Marketing and PR efforts from his virtual home office in Silver Spring Maryland.  Jonathon brings a wealth of marketing experience from Blackboard Inc. where he was the marketing director for the Blackboard Portal product called Community Engagement.  Mr. Lunardi has worked with hundreds of universities and has developed over five businesses in the past ten years in the Washington DC area.  Jonathon makes sure all messages are consistent throughout the Veteran Central conversation channels and that our Fundraising team is equipped with the highest quality tools that accurately portray the impact Veteran Central is making in America.  Jonathon has a degree in Management Information Systems from the University of Oklahoma where he founded the Sooner Information Network in 1999 with Sekou Nensala.  Jonathon is an active member of the Delta Sigma Pi business fraternity.


sekou1Sekou Nensala – Army Veteran & Air Force Spouse – Veteran Central Director of Programs and Scholarships – Sekou is a leader in the Veteran and Military communities.  Mr. Nensala has an extensive entrepreneurial background developing companies from the ground up and has worked for General Dynamics for many years on several high impact information technology projects.  Sekou worked in the Army as a Signal Corpsman and specialized in virtual communication technology while in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Sekou’s wife is a JAG in the U.S. Air Force.  Mr. Nensala oversees the quality and strategy for the Veteran Central programs and scholarships.  He makes sure programs are tied to high impact support among the Veteran community and active duty U.S. Military.  His extensive Information Technology capabilities enables him to build bridges to a wide range of IT opportunities for today’s Veterans.


tara1Tara McDaniel – Veteran Advocate – Veteran Central Content Editor and Director – Tara McDaniel is a world class copy writing editor, accomplished author, and a Military to Veteran transition expert.  Tara has written extensive reports on Veteran health and access to resources within the U.S. National Guard.  These reports have given Tara an invaluable wealth of resources of what is working and what is not working for our country’s Veterans.  Her ability to enhance the Veteran Central research and messaging based on real data sets Veteran Central apart.  Tara also is a tremendous copy editor and has developed course curriculum and magazines.  She oversees the Veteran Central content and makes sure we have an authentic, yet professional voice to the world.

Jon SingletonJontavius Singleton – Active Duty Navy Supply Officer – Veteran Central Director of Recruiting-  Jontavius leads our efforts in the recruitment of veterans, their spouses, and veterans’ caregivers. Jontavius is stationed at Ft. Meade with the Defense Media Activity (Defense Media Activity) where he specializes in financial management, logistics, contracting, and financial systems. Jontavius is a 2005 graduate of the United States Naval Academy (USNA), where he earned his Bachelor’s of Science degree in Economics. In 2008, Jontavius was selected as a Military Assistant (MA) for the Armed Forces Inauguration Committee (AFIC) for the 56th Presidential Inauguration. This position afforded Jontavius the opportunity to build relationships with active duty military members and veterans. Jontavius continues to use his interpersonal skills bringing veterans to Veteran Central. Mr. Singleton is an active member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.

Other Key Volunteer Contributors:

A special thank you goes out to Kiley Probst, Daniel Weisshaar, Kippi Fagerlund, John Taylor, Connor Mallon, Paul Day and Denise Lunardi for all supporting Veteran Central in many small ways. It all adds up to create an amazing team and force for honoring and serving our nation’s Veteran communities.