Military Job Networks

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Military Job Networks is a new, online career networking website connecting Veterans with local small business employers.  The website automatically translates a user’s past Military experience to civilian job communications, enabling highly accurate and relevant Veteran to employer matches to happen.  Users can have connections with other internal members.  Networking groups are automatically selected for users based on their past Military experience.

The Veteran Central Foundation is partnering with Military Job Networks to provide simple, easy to access applications that work for the unique challenges of Veterans and their Families.  The Veteran Central Foundation has been given free advertising and sponsorship on Military Job Networks for one year.  We get to select which MOS groups and Occupation networks our logo and program announcements are displayed in front of.  We plan to target Veterans within the communications and telecommunications MOSs in all branches.  We post our job and Military Job Networks does the rest, using it’s proprietary translation tools and search algorithms.

Help Veteran Central by posting jobs on Military Job Networks.  More below.

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military job networks

It is free for Veterans and Active Duty and takes seconds to register and get started sorting through local job recommendations.

Employers post jobs for $19 or $9 with the discount coupon code: VeteranCentral – that is almost 50% off the regular price to use this great, incredible tool.

Once an employer finds a Veteran match, they can process their available tax credits through our online platform.  We have an app for that!

Please sign up to be a part of the beta testing happening this summer.

National launch is set for Labor Day.

Help us make it a success!