Veteran Central is looking to work with corporations, foundations, and any organization who wishes to sponsor Veteran Central’s cause and mission. We take pride in not only providing top quality programs and scholarships to our nation’s Veteran communities, but also in delivering business results to our sponsors to meet their digital advertising campaign goals.

Sponsorships start at $1,500 per month. There is limited space, so please contact us quickly. We only want to work with a small group of foundational sponsors in order to set expectations and achieve goals together.

Each sponsor will receive their logo placed throughout the Veteran Central website, eNewsletter, mobile, and tablet platforms. Each logo will link to a customized page within Veteran Central that provides interactive and engaging experiences for our Veteran audiences. We make sure our audiences know that our sponsors care deeply about supporting Veterans and the U.S. Military and also have opportunities to interact with that commitment of support.

Below is an example of Veteran Central’s ability to change the photo header within each page. We will give our sponsors the option to add their logo and a small phrase of text. The sponsor also can customize the background image. We chose a very patriotic photo that was graphically enlarged.: mcdonalds potential sponsorship ad on veteran central Below this is an example of how we can integrate stories about your Veteran personnel and advocates. We can create 5 case studies about Veterans that work or are connected because of family and showcase their endorsement of what your brand can offer that is truly supportive of Veteran communities. We link their case study pages to their LinkedIN, GPlus, and your Facebook fanpage and Twitter account. We create a conversation with a single hashtag. We can bring in their social media updates using our API hooks since we are WordPress based. belowveteran central and mcdonalds with people profiles

Below is an example of the type of interaction our sponsors achieve. We create engaging experiences that can mirror your marketing and advertising departments rapidly changes digital communication efforts. We can create modules that you can edit easily and quickly from a variety of common enterprise portals. We can easily work into the Blackboard product as Jonathon was the director of Community Engagement while working there for four years.
mdonalds contest on veteran central

Sponsorships start at $1,500 per month and average $15,000 per month depending on the customizations and integration options. We can provide strategic marketing and messaging to a trusted, loyal Veteran and US Military audience.

Please contact Jonathon Lunardi at Lunardi @ veterancentral.org if your organization is serious about becoming a sponsor. You can also contact Tyrone Frisby at Tyrone @ veterancentral.org