omegaxlVeteran Central Foundation provides a wide variety of virtual service training modules for participants.  All training is fully paid for by scholarships, grants, and donations.  Currently we are training our first 200 participants in how to take inbound sales calls for OmegaXL. Participants within the Great VirtualWorks program will become experts at:

  • Inbound sales calling success techniques
  • OmegaXL natural supplement product information
  • How to manage schedule and virtual work time
  • How to manage finances as Independent Business Owner or as a 1099 contractor

The next training session is from Oct. 7th to Oct. 17th.  Participants can attend this training, for free, provided by Great VirtualWorks that teaches the above skills and knowledge.  Upon graduating the training, you can begin to take inbound sales calls for OmegaXL.  You can work as many hours as you want and generate between $10 and $15 per hour.

As participants are successful with managing their complex schedules with taking inbound sales calls, they will be encouraged to learn other virtual support degrees and certifications all from free or highly discounted online learning programs.  Veteran Central Foundation hopes to someday partner with Pearson, Blackboard, Moodle, Microsoft, and many other online learning companies to provide free training to our at home working participants.

Future training modules will include:

  • web programming and design
  • mobile app programming and design
  • .NET programming
  • social media management
  • online reputation management
  • cyber-security audits and testing
  • language translation
  • analysis and report writing
  • anything that can be done virtually