Virtual Jobs Program


200 At-Home, Virtual Jobs Available for Veterans, Caregivers and Spouses!
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Why you should sign up / apply:

  • Free to apply, only 3 minutes to apply, 200 jobs available
  • Flexible hours, work from anywhere
  • No college diploma necessary
  • Virtual counseling and career coaching provided
  • Guaranteed base rate of $10/hour with the ability to maximize total earnings up to $15/ hour
  • Get a company set up for yourself, for free, virtually incubated
  • Become a freelance Virtual Veteran in the VCF employer network

wheelchairThe Veteran Central Foundation’s Virtual Jobs Program empowers Veterans and spouses to be successful with virtual work by enabling work time flexibility, proper computer equipment, virtual counseling, and ability to work from the comfort of their home.  The Virtual Jobs Program works with many virtual support companies to offer a variety of jobs to our program participants.


Position details:

Compensation:  Guaranteed base rate of $10/hour with the ability to maximize total earnings up to $15/ hour. Some commissions available, up to 4% of sales.  The average participant will make between $1,000 and $4,000 per month in revenue.  Family participants including Military families can make nearly twice that by both contributing hours to taking these inbound phone calls.

Hours needed:   You select your own schedule and hours that fits your availability.  The minimum hourly request is 20 hours per week during the regular week days and as many off peak hours ($15/hr) as you want.  This includes Family participants.  Participants will also commit to working at least 6 months and then they can offer their services, as a corporate entity, to any organization they want.

Skills we are looking for:  To be successful in this program, participants must have strong verbal communication skills and fast typing skills are a plus.  Participants that can speak multiple languages are highly encouraged to apply.  We also look for applicants that have a background in call center support, sales experience, and customer relationship building experience.

Flexibility of Hours:  The program is designed to be very flexible to meet the demands of today’s virtual freelance worker.  You commit to hours at the beginning of the week, but can easily change them in order to fit in complex health management routines and hospital visits.  This is all managed through a virtual portal of available slots to take phone calls.


Type of Work:  This program is designed to teach Veterans without a college degree, how to sell OmegaXL  effectively and efficiently as the demand for the OmegaXL product grows tremendously through Larry King’s endorsement.  All participants will get a month’s free supply of OmegaXL, valued at $49.95. Those that can sell OmegaXL from inbound call orders, will be very successful within our programs.

Training:  The next training session starts on October 7th.  Please apply before then or send this link to someone you know before then.  Training is for 10 days and is completed by Great VirtualWorks in order to learn about the OmegaXL product suite and also how to properly sell over the phone, virtually from home.  There is no cost to our participants for this.  We will also teach entrepreneurial skills, smart business practices, financial bootstrapping, how to raise investment dollars, and how to properly market your virtual freelance support business from the comfort of our participant’s homes.

Equipment:  Most of our applicants have a laptop or home computer that also has high speed Internet that meets the minimal standards.  If you do not have a computer with Windows 7 or higher and with high speed Internet, we will work with our technology sponsors to provide refurbished machines, headsets, printers and more.  If you do not have a headset, we supply these to our participants at no cost to them, they are donated.

Corporation Creation:  We create a corporate entity for each one of our participants.  This way we can help them expense their home office correctly and not disrupt any of their disability claims or benefits.  Participants get paid directly from Great VirtualWorks and must have a EIN to be paid.  There is no cost to our participants for corporate creation, Veteran Central Foundation uses donations to pay for all of the corporate creation fees.  We work with pro bono lawyers who care about Veterans to make sure their corporate entities are sound and ready for the future.  We also help certify every organization as Veteran owned or as SDVOSB in order to win government contracts effectively.

More about Great VirtualWorks – please view Great VirtualWorks FAQ’s here before applying.  You will find this information very valuable in our choice to apply for the program. – .



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